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Women's Perfume

Burberry London (edp) 50ml -RM120 100ml - RM160
Burberry Weekend (EDP) 50ml -RM120 100ml-RM160
Burberry Tender Touch (EDP) 50ml-RM120 100ml -RM185

BVLGARI Blv Notte (edp) 40ml-RM140 75ml-RM200

CK Contradiction (edp) 50ml -RM120 100ml-RM160
CK Eternity Summer (edp) 50ml -RM 120 100ml-RM160
CK Obsession (edp) 100ml -RM160

Carolina Herrera 212 sEXy (edp) 100ml -RM170

Chanel Mademoiselle (edp) 50ml -RM140 100ml-RM175

Christian Dior Addict (edp) 50ml-RM140 100ml-RM175

Davidoff Cool Water (edt) 50ml-RM130 100ml - RM165
Davidoff Echo (edp) 50ml-RM130 100ml -RM165

D&G Light Blue (edt) 50ml-RM140 100ml-RM165
D&G Women (edp) 50ml-RM120 100ml-150

Elizabeth Arden (edp) 50ml-RM120 100ml-140

ESCADA Sentiment (edp) 50ml-RM120 100ml-RM165
ESCADA Ibiza Hippie (edp) 50ml-RM120 100ml-165
ESCADA Island Kiss (edp) 50ml-125 100ml-160
ESCADA Rockin' Rio (edp) 50ml-RM130 100ml-RM180
ESCADA Magnetic Beat (edp) 50ml-RM145 75ml-RM160

Estee Lauder Beyond Paradise (edp) 50ml-RM130 100ml-RM160
Estee Lauder Intuition (edp) 50ml-RM125 100ml-RM165
Estee Lauder Dazzling (edt) 50ml-RM125 100ml-RM180
Estee Lauder white Linen (edp) 30ml-RM90 60ml-RM150

Givenchy Organza (edt) 50ml-RM120 100ml-RM170
Givenchy Very Irresistible (edt) 30ml-RM120 50ml-RM150

Gianni Versace Metal Jeans (edp) 75ml-RM140

GUERLAIN L'Instant (edp) 50ml-RM100 100ml-RM165
GUERLAIN SAMSARA (edp) 50ml-RM100 100ml-RM160
GUERLAIAN champs Ellys (edp) 50ml-RM125 100ml-RM165

KENZO Flower (edt) 50ml-RM145 100ml-RM185
KENZO Summer (edp) 100ml-RM170

LACOSTE Touch OF Pink (edp) 90ml-RM160

LANCOME Attraction (edp) 50ml-120 100ml-160
LANCOME Miracle So Magic (edp) 50ml-RM145 100ml-RM170

Mont Blanc Individuel (edp) 75ml- RM160

Nina Ricci Premier Jour(edp) 50ml-RM165 100ml-RM185

PACO RABANNE Ultraviolet (EDP) 80ml -RM185
PACO RABANNE Paco Pour Elle (EDP) 100ml-RM170

SALVATORE FERRAGAMO White (edp) 50ml-RM150 100ml-RM190

Polo Romance (edp) 50ml-RM145 100ml-RM185
Polo Glamorous(edp) 50ml-RM140 100ml-RM185

Thiery Mugler Innocent (edp) 75ml-RM320
Thiery Mugler Star In the Sky (edp) 25ml-RM180 50ml

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AIGNER to feminine (EDP) 50ml -RM145 100ml - RM180
Anna Sui Dolly Girl (EDP) 75ml -RM150
Burberry Brit(EDT) 50ml-RM140(booked) 100ml-RM170
Brit (EDP) 50ml- RM150 100ml-RM180
Burberry Touch (EDP) 50ml -RM130 100ml-RM180
BVLGARI blv (EDP) 75ml -RM200 (hOT item)
Bvlgari Omnia (EDP) 65ml -RM170
Bvlgari Omnia Crystaline(EDP) 65ml-RM180
CK Escape (EDP) 100ml-RM150
CK Truth (EDP) 100ml- RM150
CK Eternity Moment (EDP) 50ml-RM130 100ml-RM175
CK eternity (EDP) 50ml-RM120(SOLD OUT) 100ml-RM160
Carolina Herrera 212(EDP) 60ml -RM140 100ml-RM160
Carolina Herrera Chic (EDP) 80ml -RM160
Chanel Allure (EDP) 50ml-RM135 100ml-RM175
Chanel Chance (EDP) 50ml-RM130(BOOKED) 100ml-RM185(Selling Fast)
Chanel No 5 (EDP) 50ml-RM144 100ml-RM180
Christian Dior Jadore (EDP) 100ml-RM165
CD Hypnotic (EDP) 50ml-RM144 100ml-RM185
Dior Addict2 (EDP) 50ml -RM150 100ml-RM180
CD Dune (EDP) 50ml-RM145 100ml-RM180(Hot Item)
Clinique Happy (EDP) 100ml- RM160(BOOKED)
Clinique Happy Heart(EDP) 100ml-RM175
Davidoff good life (EDP) 75ml-RM122 100ml-RM160
D&G Feminine (EDT) 50ml-RM100 100ml-RM155
Dunhill Desire (EDP) 75ml-RM125
Elizabeth Arden 5th Avenue (EDP) 75ml-RM130 125ml-RM175
Elizabeth Arden Arden Beauty(EDP) 50ml-RM120(hot Item) 100ml-RM165
Escada Magnetism (EDP) 75ml- RM145
Escada sexy graffiti (EDP) 50ml-RM130 100ml-RM180
Estee Lauder Pleasure Intense (EDP) 50ml-RM140 100ml-RM170
Estee Lauder Beautiful Sheer (edp) 75ml-RM155
Armani Sensi (EDP) 50ml-RM165 100ml-RM185
GUESS (EDP) 50ml-RM140 100ml-RM170
Gucci Rush(EDT) 50ml-RM145 100ml-RM180
Gucci Envy (EDT) 50ml-RM135 100ml-RM175
Gucci Envy Me (EDT) 50ml-RM140(SOLD OUT) 100ml-RM185
Issey Miyake (EDP) 100ml-RM175
Lancome Miracle (EDP) 50ml-RM140 100ml-RM170
Lancome Poeme (edp) 50ml-RM120 100ml-RM150
Nina Ricci Love in Paris (EDP) 100ml-RM180
Moschino Chick N Chip (EDT) 50ml-RM140(SOLD OUT)
Victoria Secret Very Sexy For her (EDP) 50ml-RM180 100ml-RM220

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Aramis Classic 50ml - RM120 (Booked) 100ml -RM 150

Aramis Life 50ml - RM120 100ml- RM150

Aigner Black Leather 75ml - RM148 (Booked) 125ml - RM 178
Aigner Blue Emotion 50ml - RM120 100ml - RM 170
Aigner Essence 50ml -RM 130 100ml - RM180

Azzaro Chrome 50ml -RM120 100ml - RM150
Azzaro Visit 50ml- RM 100 100ml - RM140

Burberry Touch 50ml - RM 130 100ml - RM170
Burberry Brit 50ml - RM140
Burberry London 100ml - RM150
Burberry Weekend 50ml - RM100 100ml - RM140

Bvlgari Aqva Pour Homme 50ml - RM125 100ml -RM170
BLV 50ml - RM 125 100ml - RM170
Bvlgari Pour Homme 50ml RM 120
Bvlgari Extreme 100ml -RM 170
Bvlgari Black 75ml - RM150 (Booked)

Cartier Declaration 100ml - RM150

Kenzo Pour Homme 50ml - RM 140 100ml - RM170

Lancome Miracle 50ml - RM155 100ml - RM185

Mont Blanc Individuel 75ml - RM160
Mont Blanc Starwalker 50ml - RM130 100ml - RM160

Issey Miyake Blue 75ml -RM120 100ml-RM180

Lacoste Essential 50ml - RM140 100ml - RM180

Polo Blue 75ml - RM135 125ml- RM185
Polo Classic 75ml- RM120 118ml - RM 150
Polo Black 50ml - RM130 100ml - RM170 (SOLD OUT)
Polo Double Black 50ml -RM130 100ml - RM170 (SOLD OUT)

Swiss Army Altitude 100ml -RM150

Tommy T 50ml - RM120 100ml - RM160
Tommy True Star 50ml - RM145 100ml -RM170

GUESS 50ml- RM135 100ml- RM165 (BOOKED)

Hugo DarkBlue 75ml -RM115 125ml- RM150
Hugo Boss In Motion 40ml- RM100 90ml-RM165
Hugo In Motion Green 40ml-RM115 90ml-RM165

Guy Laroche (Drakkar Noir) 100ml -RM165 (SOLD OUT)

Escada Sentiment 50ml - RM130 100ml -RM165

Dunhill Pure 75ml - RM160 (Hot Item.Selling FAST)
Dunhill Desire Blue 50ml - RM125 100ml-RM160
Dunhill Desire Red 50ml - RM116 100ml-RM170
Dunhill D 50ml - RM115(SOLD OUT) 100ml -rm155

DAvidoff Cool Water 75ml - RM130 125ml-RM160

CK Eternity 50ml-RM115 (hot item.selling fast) 100ml-RM150
CK Eternity Summer 50ml-RM130 100ml-RM160
CK Truth 100ml -RM150
Ck Be 50ml - RM110 100ml- RM160
CK One 100ml -RM160

D&G Masculine 50ml -RM100 100ml -RM155

Acqua di gio 50ml-RM140 100ml-RM185(BOOKED)
Armani Code 50ml-RM 130 75ml-RM160
Armani Black Code 50ml-RM130 75ml-RM160

VERSACE MAN 50ml-RM130 100ml-RM165(hot item.selling fast)

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Welcome to onlineperfume!

Kami menjual rejected perfume dari berbagai jenama2 terkemuka dunia.
Semua perfume yang dikeluarkan dijamin 100% asli!
Brand new original! cheaper than counter!
up to 40% discount!

Facts that you should know about rejected perfume!
not all rejects r done in the factory plant itself but may also occur after sale..

*All rejected perfume that made by outside malaysia are not coming with box.All box were made in malaysia including the non rejected perfume.Rejected perfume which coming with box is fake!
* After shipping reject...- after shipping reject is one of the common rejects for all products..this type of reject mostly only effect for the packing (box) but not the they will be return to the warehouse...cos ppl won't buy any defect items at the counters..customers only demand for the perfect item even wif the box..that's y most of my products hv no boxes cos they r damaged...

* Factory reject...- it would be impossible to produce products wihout reject..most company (factory) only achive 99.8% yield (output) where 0.2% is rejected..e.g 99.8%x1000000 = 998000 bottle..the rest is rejected (2000 bottle)..why they r rejected? maybe scratches, wrong branding, or etc..these rejects r not thrown away..they hv their own vendor for disposal..hv u guys went to jln pasar? did u found electronic devices there? they r not fake item but same way wif the perfumes..rejects.. - for ur guys info..there r many manufacturer for a brand of perfume..e.g el pleasure..if u guys hv some time just go and find out at the counters..u will see some r made in switzeland and uk...let say 2000 bottles from uk and 2000 bottles from swis r will be enuff for ppl like us to trade them...u may also compare perfumes wif other products, adidas shirt..last time they r made in us..but lately u will see they r made in indon, china, tahiland, even malaysia..perfumes r also manufactured in many countries.. - more example..hv u guys went to carrefour wangsa maju? If not u may try to go there..u will find a levis booth...all r original levis which had been rejected..r they fake? no, they r ori..ppl hv no doubt at all..but it had been sold wif lower price as they r rejected..

* Expiry...- after quite some times pefumes also will expired..let say for 1 batch is valid for 8 month..if it won't be cleared it wll be return to where it came from..(hv u guys seen gardinea ppl took back the expired buns? (same way wif the perfumes)..then manufacturer will reduce the output base on the sale demand..but the different is perfumes is still in good condition even after the date line unlike buns which will hv fungus grows on only expired base on spec cos they r not updated..another example r tyres..ppl always proud buying new tyres at so much lower price..but do they know that some tyres r sold at supoer low price cos they r expired even they r unused..just hv a check at ur tyres..u will see 4 numbers endorsed there..e.g 2305...meaning is the tyre is produced from yr 2005 on the 23rd week of the year..i m not expert bout tyres but let say the expiry is 1 yr after some ppl will trade them at the lower price bcos they r expired..but they r not fake..

* The point is REJECTS ARE NOT FAKE..they are also original but the quality is lower..not quality of the perfume but only bottles or boxes.



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